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Let’s guess Aaron Rodgers' favorite ‘Game of Thrones’ character

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Aaron Rodgers is giving four free preseason tickets to a fan who can guess his favorite Game of Thrones character.

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Aaron Rodgers is giving away four free tickets to the Green Bay Packers preseason opener against the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night. But to win the tickets, Packers fans have a riddle to solve.

Rodgers posted the challenge on Instagram.

First, Packers fans have to know which restaurant in the Green Bay area is Rodgers’ favorite. Then, they have to guess the quarterback’s favorite character on HBO’s Game of Thrones.

For those who haven’t watched Game of Thrones, this isn’t an easy question. It’s not a sitcom like Friends with six main characters and then minor ones who only the hardcore fans would know.

Characters die and get replaced by new ones all the time in the cutthroat world of Westeros. There are about 25 different answers to Rodgers’ question that wouldn’t be that obscure. And that’s assuming he picked one who’s still alive.

But there are a few characters who stand out, and judging by what we know about Rodgers, we can take our best stab at it.

[cracks knuckles]

I got this.

(Warning: There are a few spoilers in here. If you haven’t caught up on the latest episode, obviously stop reading Game of Thrones things on the internet. Duh.)

5. Bronn: Rodgers is a master of the Hail Mary, saving the Packers from defeat with a miraculous throw on multiple occasions.

Bronn has somehow managed to survive every season, despite being a sellsword who has been in several sticky situations. Let’s be honest: He really should’ve died in the latest episode. Instead, he managed to stay alive long enough to nail a dragon out of the air with a giant spear. That’s a Rodgers-level miracle if I’ve ever seen one.

4. Arya Stark: When Rodgers was dating Olivia Munn, he joined her to train in sword fighting while she was prepping for her role in X-Men: Apocalypse:

Learned some new tricks...

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Sure he might not be doing much back there, but he’s got some moxie and he wants the other fighter to make a mistake first. That sounds like the fighting style of Arya, a ninja assassin who made Brienne of Tarth miss a whole lot in their epic duel Sunday.

3. Euron Greyjoy: One of the stars of the latest season has been Euron, a rockstar of a villain who is somehow charismatic while also a ruthless killer. There’s really not much reason to think Rodgers would be a fan, except for his fantastic facial hair:

Rodgers was enthusiastic enough about mustaches to do an interview with the American Mustache Institute five years ago.

2. Tyrion Lannister: In October, Rodgers told reporters that he planned to “have a glass of scotch and chill out a little bit” while he watches film. That sounds a lot like Tyrion, a clever, quick-witted character who isn’t afraid to admit how much he enjoys drinking.

“That’s what I do. I drink and I know things.”

Rodgers enjoys accumulating football knowledge over his impressive collection of scotches. He knows plenty of things and even won Celebrity Jeopardy! with all his trivia knowledge. It sounds like he and Tyrion would get along just fine.

1. Jon Snow: The King of the North has faced adversity and was even down for the count but came back stronger than ever. There’s an obvious football analogy there. It’s a little similar to Rodgers struggling with a collarbone fracture and poor postseason showing in 2013 only to bounce back with an MVP season in 2014.

Rodgers has been the NFL’s King in the North for a while now, so this fits just right.

(Relax Patriots fans. New England is in the Northeast. Let the middle of the country have something, geez.)

Unfortunately, Rodgers already revealed the answer in an interview with The Ringer. Click if you want the answer and to read all his other Game of Thrones opinions. But I definitely don’t know Rodgers’ favorite restaurant in Green Bay, so it’s a little more fun to play the game and guess.