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Cam Erving is filling in for Joe Thomas. It’s a disaster even by Browns standards


Through thick and thin, the one thing the Browns have always been able to count on is Joe Thomas. He hasn’t missed a regular season game in his career. The Browns have been pretty bad with him, but just think how bad the Browns would’ve been WITHOUT him.

We got a taste of that in their first preseason game on Thursday night against the Saints. Cam Erving filled in at left tackle for Thomas, who had the night off.

And man, was it bad.

Erving had back-to-back snaps with a false start and holding penalty.

When he’s not egregiously holding or jumping offsides, he’s getting knocked back on his rear end and giving up pressure.


Since drafting Erving in the first round of the 2015 draft, the Browns have had him at center, guard and right tackle. Now we know he can’t play left tackle either.