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Kyle and Chris Long speak out about violent protests in their hometown of Charlottesville

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The Long brothers shared their thoughts on this weekend’s sad events.

Philadelphia Eagles v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It’s been a sad weekend in Charlottesville, Va. Conflicts escalated from a rally held in support of white supremacy, and a man drove his car into a crowd of people protesting the rally. A protester, Heather Heyer, was killed, and 19 were injured. On Sunday, Chris and Kyle Long spoke about the tragic events in their hometown of Charlottesville.

Bears guard Kyle Long called it an injustice.

“Regardless of where it’s happening, injustice in the world we live in, in any place, is injustice to humanity,” Kyle Long said after the Bears wrapped up practice on Sunday, via Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times. “And it’s a threat to the freedoms we have.

“Obviously, it’s a small percentage of people involved who are blatantly in the wrong, and we need to do our best as good folks and continue to outnumber and express our opinions and act accordingly when given the opportunity to.”

Kyle isn’t known for being outspoken. That’s not the case for his brother, Chris, who was characteristically bold when speaking about the weekend’s events on Twitter, criticizing President Donald Trump’s response to the situation:

And Kyle Long said that he hopes the majority of people will continue to “do the right thing.”

“Hopefully we can continue to do the right thing as a whole,” Long said. “Obviously there’s gonna be people that don’t follow the same suit. Don’t be those folks.”