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Dan Quinn’s time is always ‘Now’ according to his office clock

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It’s now o’clock in Atlanta

Time can be kept in many different ways. The earliest way that humans kept time was with the sundial. Since then, time has been measured astronomically, with pendulums, and to mechanical and digital clocks.

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn has invented his own way to keep time, though it might not be so accurate. Every hour on his clock is replaced with the word “Now.”

That’s a cool way to look at things, but it’s also very Football Guy of him to have a clock like that. You know, because The Time To Be Successful Is Always Now or whatever else is the perfect time for it to be Now o’clock.

You know when that clock would have been handy? When the Falcons needed to run the ball with an eight-point lead in the — never mind. I’m still hurt.

Benefits of the time always being “Now”

  • You can instantly get what you want
  • You don’t have to wait on anything
  • “Hey, when’s that food going to be ready?” guess what buddy? Now.
  • “When are the Falcons going to be ready to win a Super Bowl?” Now. Though we know that time is a little off
  • You could guess what time it is at any point and not be wrong

Cons of the time always being “Now”

  • It’s just not true
  • Like kids in Cleveland believing the world is flat because Kyrie Irving does, kids in the metro Atlanta area will think the time is always Now.
  • If the clock were to be taken seriously, it would have threatened the hook on “Duffle Bag Boy” when Lil Wayne says, “I'm countin' all day like a clock on the wall.” There’s no need to count if the time is always the same.

We can sit here and clown Dan Quinn’s clock all we want, but I mean, things are working as well as they could be in Atlanta right Now.