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Phil Kessel ate hot dogs out of the Stanley Cup

A perfect way to show you’re a champion.

Phil Kessel and hot dogs have a special relationship. Ever since a 2015 article in the Toronto Sun claimed that Kessel would stop by a local vendor every day to eat his favorite treat, people around hockey have liked to poke fun at him with the story.

So on Monday, the two-time Stanley Cup champion used his day with the trophy to both enjoy a tasty hot dog and silence the haters (right after posting a slightly worse version of the picture, which is hilariously still up at this time):

A post shared by Phil Kessel (@phil_kessel_81_) on

That’s a true winner if I’ve ever seen one.

The hot dogs may have been missing from Evgeni Malkin’s Kessel shrine back in the spring, but the Penguins winger wouldn’t miss the chance to share his big day with a good snack. Oh, and hopefully somebody really cleaned off that trophy since Matt Murray had it, because his extremely big and adorable dog slobbered in it.