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Gerald McCoy teaching us the NFL's new celebration rules is the best thing about ‘Hard Knocks’

We would gladly watch an entire episode of this.

Gerald McCoy has already emerged as a star of this season of Hard Knocks featuring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. His best moment so far came at the end of the second episode, as McCoy demonstrated dance moves to get clarity from Ed Hochuli on the NFL’s new celebration rules.

“Is this a flag?” McCoy asks repeatedly as he tries out various moves.

Hochuli kept saying yes, these moves would draw a flag.

“Yes. There’s too much sexual stuff involved,” Hochuli says.

The league did relax the rules on celebrations, but certain things are still going to be flagged. Any kind of pelvic thrusting or twerking or sexually suggestive dance still isn’t going to fly. But in this case, McCoy seems to be right. That wasn’t sexual. Those are just McCoy’s knees.

Or in McCoy’s words, “That’s not sexual. It’s just groovy.”

McCoy says “the face is everything,” and he’s right. It does make a difference.

This should be a flag, according to McCoy.

And this shouldn’t be a flag.

There, that’s settled.

It’s still the preseason, but McCoy’s celebration dancing is already in midseason form. Here’s hoping we see more of it on Hard Knocks.