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Kevin Durant and Lil Dicky had a sincere conversation about trading LeBron James on Twitter

Proof that even celebrities can have a nice, civil conversation on social media.

We, human beings who exist on the internet, are trained to expect that any celebrity figure who exists in the same internet realm as us simply won’t act normally. They’ll promote their sponsors and send out carefully cultivated vacation tweets, and when they do engage in something that represents our own internet habits, we collectively freaking out.

Today, we are collectively freaking out over Kevin Durant, and Lil Dicky, a moderately famous rapper, having a civil conversation about a hot-button sports topic: LeBron James’ future. Just like us! Sometimes we talk about sports!!!

This is an extremely normal conversation that a million people have every single day, but obviously, it stands out because the two figures involved have a combined 16.9 million Twitter followers. (OK, yes, 16.6 million of those are Durant’s.)

More and more, this is becoming the norm for Durant. He has been using his Twitter to interact with fans, sometimes even asking them questions or debating a topic they bring up. Durant is in a unique world of his own where people are probably tweet at him almost every minute of every day, but he can still use Twitter like a normal person. Let’s not freak out and make it into a bigger deal than we need to, otherwise you’ll scare other celebrities scared away from doing the same thing.