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This block by Chiefs tackle Mitchell Schwartz was beautifully disrespectful

Retired NFL offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz kicks off a new weekly series with the kind of pancake you don’t usually get to see in the preseason.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I get fired up when I see a great block. It’s the lineman blood running through me. Now y’all get to join in that excitement. The Most Disrespectful Block (or Blocks!) of the Week is here.

I’ll be featuring the best pancake blocks of the week. Not just your ordinary knockdown, but one where the blocker goes the extra mile. Landing on the defenders awkwardly, giving him some business afterward. And don’t worry, any blocker can take home the weekly award. So please submit your nominees to me via Twitter, @geoffschwartz. Feel free to send any blocks you’d like to see on the weekly pancake highlight reel.

It’s tough to find these knockdowns in the preseason because there is no access to the proper film. Lucky for me, this week was easy. I’m going with my brother, Mitchell Schwartz, right tackle No. 71 of the Kansas City Chiefs.

He’s on a backside cutoff block. He’s supposed to block the linebacker, but the 49ers defensive lineman is moving with their pressure. Mitch ends up on the nose tackle. Most tackles would try to gain position by swinging their hips around. Not Mitch. His hand placement is impeccable, and he’s running his feet. Notice where he resets his hips just a bit and runs the defender through the whistle for the first disrespectful block of the 2017 NFL season.

The Most Disrespectful Block of the Week is a weekly series that will run at SB Nation throughout the NFL season.