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The Jacksonville Jaguars are in midseason form

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Nothing is going right.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been consistently bad for quite some time now. It’s preseason, so the weight of what you see shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but the Jaguars missed some easy plays on Thursday.

First, they were set up nicely at the Tampa Bay 23-yard line with a 31-yard punt return by Keelan Cole.

From there, Chad Henne threw a pair of dimes that were dropped by the receivers.

The drive was finished with a shanked field goal by Jason Myers.

All of this came after Blake Bortles exited the game after an 8-for-13 performance with 65 yards.

Even when Jacksonville shows some type of decent play at quarterback, the receivers aren’t able to handle the ball. They’re looking like it’s Week 8 already.