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Pat Mahomes shined during preseason game against Bengals

Chiefs fans can’t help but be excited about their young quarterback.

The Chiefs were aggressive during the 2017 NFL Draft, and traded up to select quarterback Patrick Mahomes at No. 10 overall. Saturday night, he showed why the team did just that.

In his two drives during their preseason game against the Bengals, Mahomes was impressive. He showed his ability to step up in the pocket, and make some pretty sharp throws. He finished the night 10-of-14 passing with 88 yards and two touchdowns, as well as three carries for 29 yards.

Here, Mahomes found De’Anthony Thomas on a 3rd and long, keeping the drive alive for the Chiefs.

Mahomes showed his ability to handle pressure by sticking in the pocket, and still making a poised throw to Jehu Chesson, getting the Chiefs near the red zone.

Once in the red zone and faced with a 3rd and 1, Mahomes used the ol’ wheels to escape pressure, and find his tight end Gavin Escobar for a first down.

The drive finished with Mahomes dumping one off to Thomas for a 7-yard touchdown.

Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy told ESPN on Friday that the team would really know what Mahomes was made of when he finally got more preseason snaps.

“When you are [at training camp], some of this stuff is scripted and he has kind of a way of knowing what is going to come in practice,” he said. “But in a game, down and distance situationally, there's a little bit more pressure involved.”

Mahomes appeared to answer that pressure well on Saturday evening, and we’ll learn more about him as the preseason progresses.