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Titans WR Rishard Matthews honors Barack and Michelle Obama with tattoo

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Matthews has a portrait of the former president and first lady on his calf.

Rishard Matthews has about 20 tattoos, but one on his calf carries special meaning. It’s an homage to the former president and first lady: Barack and Michelle Obama.

"The first president I voted for, first black president, first black first lady," Matthews said, via Logan Murdock of the Tennessean. "Myself being African American, they're obviously great role models and they let the black community and minorities, in general, know that the sky is the limit if you put your mind to it."

All of Matthews’ tattoos have special sentimental value to him. He has inspirational quotes on his arm, and he has an image of his children, Zayden and Penelope, depicted as Greek gods. Above the image are the words “The World is Yours.”

The tattoo honoring the Obamas carries the same meaning for Matthews’ children.

"Something that symbolizes that the world is theirs," Matthews said. "You can do anything you put your mind to.

“My kids are minorities, and we need more minority role models in the upper areas in this nation and world in general, and what greater role models than the Obamas?"

The Titans finished last season 9-7 and missed the playoffs, but Matthews had a career year. He finished with 945 receiving yards and nine touchdowns. With the additions of Eric Decker and rookie Corey Davis, the Titans offense should be more productive this year.

Matthews should be a big factor in the Titans’ offensive plans this season after the way he played in 2016. He’ll have a chance to show his children that he can do anything he puts his mind to on the field, as well.