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Kirk Cousins spit some bars from ‘Hamilton’ during training camp

File this under things you never thought you’d see.

Kirk Cousins is apparently a big fan of Hamilton. Cousins was mic’d up for Washington’s practice Wednesday, and he took advantage of the opportunity to spit some bars from the popular Broadway show.

Cousins raps along with the very first song on the show’s soundtrack, which is — you guessed it — “Alexander Hamilton.”

“The $10 dollar founding father without a father, went a lot farther by working a lot harder,” Cousins says.

I don’t want to be critical, but as someone who also drops these bars on a very regular basis, he got the words a little wrong. It’s “got a lot farther,” not “went.”

“By being a lot smarter, by being a self-starter. By 14, they put him in charge of a trading charter.”

Dang it, Kirk. They PLACED him in charge of a trading charter.

So Cousins does have bars. He just doesn’t have the right words, and his flow is nothing to write home about. Still, he seems enthusiastic about it. This is hilarious, and I love Hamilton, so I’m going to give him an A for effort.