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This Broncos-49ers play that resulted in 5 penalties is the most preseason football thing ever

“With all that, it’s an offset.”

The referees in the Broncos vs. 49ers game had their hands full for a preseason game.

After the 49ers punted the ball late in the third quarter, the field was swarmed with flags. In total, five penalties had been committed on the play, and referee Pete Morelli needed so much help in making the calls that he nearly started laughing.

Pete Morelli, glad that he got through with the speech of a call said, “With all that, it’s an offset.”

These were the penalties on the play:

  • Receiving team - Holding, No. 46
  • Receiving team - Holding, No. 81
  • Receiving team - Block in the back, No. 80
  • Receiving team - Personal foul, No. 2
  • Kicking team - Holding, No. 18

Morelli probably won’t have to worry about this happening during the regular season, with more experienced players playing within the rules.

It was still hilarious, though, and he seemed to not mind it himself.