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Roger Goodell isn’t going away anytime soon

The commissioner is all set to sign an extension through 2024.

NFL: NFL Meetings Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

So much for Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft being mad at Roger Goodell. NFL owners are reportedly all set to offer the league’s CEO a contract extension that would keep him around through 2024, according to Daniel Kaplan of the Sports Business Journal.

Goodell’s current deal runs through 2019. He got an extension in 2012, basically for not letting the owners descend into infighting among themselves while holding the players over a barrel during the 2011 lockout that resulted in the current collective bargaining agreement.

How much will Goodell make?

This deal will reportedly give Goodell a base salary of a mere few million, with additional money thrown on top of that each year as determined by the league’s compensation committee.

Goodell’s last reported payout was $31.7 million in 2015. That was actually a $2 million pay cut from $34 million the year before that. In 2012, Goodell was handsomely rewarded with a $44 million pay day. Since the league surrendered its nonprofit status, it’ll no longer be required to report Goodell’s salary.

Oh, and that fully guaranteed money, unlike the deals the players sign.

What about the owners he pissed off?

Nothing eases a rift like money. Goodell hands out arbitrary suspensions at will, sometimes for six games, sometimes for four, sometimes just one even for a serial abuser.

That pissed off some powerful owners, namely Jones and Kraft. With a pair of heavy hitters miffed over the way Goodell does business (using the powers granted to him BY THE OWNERS in the CBA), it led to some speculation that Goodell’s place might not be as secure as it has been.

But nothing smooths things over like money — lots of money. The NFL made $14 billion in revenue last year, almost a billion dollars more than it made the year before. It’s hard to hold a grudge against the CEO of a company making that kind of money.

Who decides how much Goodell makes?

Jones doesn’t, at least not directly. Goodell’s compensation and contractual matters are decided by the compensation committee, a group of owners chaired by Falcons owner Arthur Blank.

The committee also includes Panthers owner Jerry Richardson and Kraft himself.

Now, this committee could still make Goodell feel a little pinch. It has cut his pay more than $12 million since 2012, so there is that option.

There was a report earlier this year that Jerry Jones was pushing for the full group of owners to handle Goodell’s contract, but that doesn’t appear to have gotten much traction. As part of that conversation, there was some informed speculation that some owners believed Goodell was getting paid too much.

What about the next CBA?

That’s where things could get interesting. The players union has guaranteed a work stoppage in 2021 is “a virtual certainty.

There are a lot for players not to like with the current labor deal, and there’s momentum for an effort to change those things, i.e. a strike. The NFLPA is already making an effort to encourage its members to start saving now.

It’ll be hard for the players to get the kind of war chest a group of billionaire owners have at their disposal, so we’ll see just how effective a strike really can be. If they do manage to exact big concessions from owners at the bargaining table, that’s where Goodell could find himself in trouble.

Bottom line: There may yet be some mechanism by which owners push back on Goodell, but don’t bet on it. As long as the league keeps making money, there’s no reason for owners to find someone else.