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Chart Party: The history of the NFL, 1987-2016

Some NFL teams are kind of predictable. Others win and lose in ways that defy explanation. This is a scroll through nearly a thousand years of combined NFL history.

In this video, we’ll be re-living the last 30 years of the NFL through the lens of each team. All teams, of course, have their ups and downs, but some are much more unpredictable than others. I’ve ranked them all from least to most volatile — in other words, how wildly they fluctuate from year to year in the win-loss columns.

This is a highly experimental episode of Chart Party: it’s a video that thinks it’s an article. You might hate it a lot! If you do, let me know. And in case a ten-minute scroll isn’t really your deal, but you still want to see the charts, I’ve put them all right here.


32. Seattle Seahawks

31. Philadelphia Eagles

30. Oakland Raiders

29. Buffalo Bills

28. Arizona Cardinals

27. Miami Dolphins

26. Cleveland Browns

24 (tie). Pittsburgh Steelers

24 (tie). New Orleans Saints

23. Jacksonville Jaguars

22. New England Patriots

20 (tie). Green Bay Packers

20 (tie). Denver Broncos

18 (tie). Washington

18 (tie). New York Giants

16 (tie). Tennessee Titans

16 (tie). Minnesota Vikings

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

13 (tie). Dallas Cowboys

13 (tie). Cincinnati Bengals

12. Houston Texans

11. San Francisco 49ers

8 (tie). San Diego Chargers (now Los Angeles Chargers)

8 (tie). Indianapolis Colts

8 (tie). Baltimore Ravens

5 (tie). Los Angeles Rams

5 (tie). Chicago Bears

5 (tie). Kansas City Chiefs

4. Detroit Lions

3. New York Jets

2. Atlanta Falcons

And the most volatile team: Carolina Panthers