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This late-90s minor league hockey team had the worst logo you’ll ever see

The Beast of New Haven didn’t last, but at least they had a hilariously bad logo.

Have you ever been sitting around on a slow summer afternoon thinking to yourself, “What’s the worst logo in hockey history?” Did your imagination come up with a horrifying bat monster growling at you under big red letters spelling out “BEAST”? Because that’s what it is.

Here’s the logo for the Beast of New Haven, a franchise that operated in the AHL from 1997-99:


The city of New Haven, Conn., lost its AHL franchise in 1993 when the New Haven Senators (previously known as the Nighthawks) moved to Prince Edward Island. Four years later, when the Carolina Monarchs were displaced by the expansion Carolina Hurricanes of the NHL, that AHL franchise decided to move to New Haven.

It just needed a new name and a new logo. It needed a new brand to get the Connecticutians on board.

This was the Monarchs’ old logo:

Pretty standard minor league fare for the mid-1990s, when wacky, colorful logos were all the rage. It was the style at the time, you see, like tying an onion to your belt.

Moving back to New Haven, the franchise tried to embrace the Gothic stylings of its new hometown. Yale University is known for its gargoyles, which made for an ideal inspiration.

Enter the Beast. However, instead of a cool gargoyle logo like the one from the 1990s show Gargoyles ...

The team ended up with whatever the heck this thing is:

Honestly I can no longer tell whether I hate it or love it.

The Beast of New Haven stopped playing in 1999 when the Hurricanes ended their two-year affiliation with the franchise. The team could’ve sought out new affiliation for the 2000-01 season, but it didn’t work out.

At least we have this logo as a reminder.

(Hat tip to r/hockey)