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Do you think Tony Romo named his newborn son after Jerry Jones?

We’re guessing yes.

Tony Romo and his wife, Candice, welcomed a brand new baby boy to their family on Wednesday. They named the baby, the couple’s third child, Jones McCoy Romo.

The proud dad shared a photo, and just look at this little guy. He’s precious.

Wait. Jones? Did Tony Romo name his baby after Cowboys owner Jerry Jones? We think so, and it makes perfect sense.

First of all, you’re not going to name a tiny baby Jerry. That’s not a terribly common name for babies these days. It seems to be a better fit for obscenely wealthy 74-year-old NFL owners, honestly.

Second, Romo and Jerry Jones always had a special relationship. As a matter of fact, Jones said that his biggest regret is not winning a Super Bowl with Romo.

“I thought he was a quality quarterback. I thought he was the franchise quarterback, and if we put the right talent around him, then we should have gotten it done,” Jones told SB Nation.

And third, are there really many other options? Is Romo hinting that he’ll come out of retirement to play for the Bills by naming his child after Zay Jones and LeSean McCoy? Doubtful.

Romo also mentioned in the tweet introducing the world to little Jones that he’s close to having enough kids to form a basketball team. My esteemed colleague from SB Nation, David Fucillo, has a great idea on how to round out the roster.

You can count on Romo teaching little Jones all about passing and running routes, just like he has in the most adorable way with his two older children.

Heartfelt congratulations to the Romos on their new little one.