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Miguel Cabrera tried to punch the Yankees backup catcher, and a huge brawl ensued

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Miguel Cabrera didn’t like what Austin Romine had to say, apparently.

Miguel Cabrera is one of baseball’s elder statesmen; a future inner-circle Hall of Famer. Austin Romine is the Yankees backup catcher. And on Thursday, the former tried to punch the latter right in the kisser. Fight! Fight! Fight!

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt, and it doesn’t look like anyone got hurt, so that means it’s mostly fun and games. If you’re wondering why Cabrera was upset, this pitch might have something to do with it:

The heroes of the fight, in order:

1. The 35 people who pulled Aaron Judge off Cabrera:

2. Austin Romine, who deftly dodged a right cross from a large human being.

3. Andrew Romine, his brother, who is on the Tigers and will have some awkward moments over the next couple of weeks.

4. Nick Castellanos, who rushed in and probably saved Cabrera from landing some serious punches.

5. Cabrera, who followed the unwritten rule of pushing a guy away before swinging instead of sucker-punching him

6. The Yankees players and coaches who pulled Gary Sanchez off the pile before he could sneak in a couple of more shots at Cabrera, including Todd Frazier, who had to dodge a punch because Sanchez was mad offline.

7. Omar Vizquel for getting right in Judge’s face and yelling at him to settle this with him in the octagon (probably).

8. Members of both bullpens who absolutely made a huge difference and helped out a bunch when they ran in 30 seconds later, which is always the case.

These kinds of high-tension fights always seem to be responsible for injuries that sneak in a few days later, so don’t get too giddy that there was a baseball fight. There could still be some fallout.

On the other hand, we got to watch Aaron Judge menacing someone and some good ol’ fashioned tusslin’, so it wasn’t a total loss. As far as baseball fights go, I’ll give this one an 8, which means that it was pretty entertaining by baseball standards, but not entertaining enough to prevent hockey fans from loudly making fun of people like me giving it an 8.