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The Jaguars tried a fake punt in a preseason game and it actually worked

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That’s not something you see a lot of in the preseason.

The Jaguars are pulling out all of the stops in this Week 3 preseason matchup with the Panthers. Jacksonville attempted a fake punt, and it actually worked.

No, seriously. This is not a drill. Look at Corey Grant go.

Grant took the direct snap from the long snapper, and he was off and running. It was a 51-yard run for the Jaguars, and it put them on Carolina’s 21-yard line. The play set up the Jaguars’ only score of the night so far, a 1-yard rushing touchdown from Chris Ivory.

Blake Bortles has been consistently criticized for his poor play this preseason, and Chad Henne got the start tonight, but he isn’t much better. Maybe fake punts will be heavily featured in the Jaguars offense this year.

There may have been a little element of surprise at work here, because you don’t see a ton of fake punts in meaningless preseason games. But this one was beautifully executed, and it worked out great for the Jaguars.