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Blake Bortles made a smart business decision to not tackle a guy who picked him off

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We really can’t blame him.

Preseason games don’t mean much, and it’s sure not worth it to risk injury in one. That’s why Blake Bortles made a wise business decision to simply not try to tackle a Panthers defender who picked him off on Thursday night.

Bortles has a bit of experience with interceptions, so he knows how this works. But that doesn’t mean he needs to risk his health in a game that truly doesn’t matter.

And he didn’t. After Carolina’s Zack Sanchez picked him off on Thursday night, Bortles chased him down, but eased up when he got close to Sanchez.

You can see it even better from this angle.

You can almost see Bortles thinking through this, and then deciding ... nope.

Bortles was sidelined early as Chad Henne got the start instead. If Bortles wants to hold onto that starting job, he’ll need to prove himself to the Jaguars. But not tackling a defender after a pick in a game that doesn’t count shouldn’t be a factor.