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Yandy Diaz missed out on hitting for the cycle by just a few inches

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All he needed was a home run, but the wall said nope.

The Indians’ 13-6 win over the Red Sox on Thursday night wasn’t too suspenseful overall, with Sox ace Chris Sale getting chased in the third inning and all question of who would win more or less decided by the fifth.

There was one exciting piece, though, with Yandy Diaz almost hitting for the cycle and practically managing to do it if it weren’t for one pesky wall that got in the way.

In the bottom of the seventh, with a home run still needed to complete the cycle, Diaz jacked one. It was going ... going ... bounced off the top of the wall.

SO. CLOSE. But no cigar.

A fun fact is, if Diaz had managed to eke that home run ball a few more inches beyond the wall, he would have been the first Cleveland player to hit for the cycle since last summer.

That player? Rajai Davis, who the Red Sox traded for this week and who was sitting in the visitors dugout for this game. Small world, this game.