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Broncos OT Menelik Watson proposed to his girlfriend during a preseason game

She said yes!

People propose at sporting events regularly. But it was a little bit different when Menelik Watson proposed to his girlfriend on Saturday night, because he’s an offensive tackle for the Denver Broncos.

Oh, and did we mention that Watson proposed in the middle of a game?

Watson went the traditional route. He got down on one knee in front of his girlfriend, who was sitting in the front row. And of course she said yes. Look how happy he looks!

She looks awfully happy, too.

Even the Packers fans in the photo look thrilled for the happy couple.

The Broncos managed to wish Watson and his fiancee the best while also making good use of a popular meme. A tip of the cap to Denver’s social media team for this one.

Denver is winning, with a 20-17 lead over the Green Bay Packers. And Watson and his fiancee are definitely winning, too. Congratulations to the happy couple.