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3 signs the Jets are headed for football armageddon

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Please keep Jets fans in your thoughts during this difficult season.

NFL: New York Jets at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets announced Monday that they’ve decided on a starting quarterback. After assessing the play of Christian Hackenberg, Bryce Petty, and Josh McCown — none of whom were particularly good — the Jets have settled on McCown for Week 1.

1. McCown isn’t all that good, but he’ll start

McCown is 38, and the last time he won a regular season game was Week 5 of the 2015 season. Since 2014, McCown has a 2-20 record as a starting quarterback. That’s frighteningly bad.

But that’s just one sign that it will probably be a long season for the Jets. New York was busy on Monday.

2. The team traded for a long snapper

No, seriously. The Jets currently have long snapper Tanner Purdum on the roster, but still sent safety Ronald Martin to the Colts in exchange for long snapper Thomas Hennessy, who at least does have a spectacular name.

3. They literally brought Armageddon to the Jets

Speaking of great names, that’s the other thing the Jets did today — they brought in a player named Armageddon. The team is literally bringing Armageddon upon themselves in the form of safety Armageddon Draughn.

Head coach Todd Bowles said via the team’s Twitter account that McCown gives the team its best chance to win. After watching both Petty and Hackenberg in the preseason, he’s probably right.

McCown started the first preseason game for New York and completed three of four passes for 72 yards and one touchdown. Over five games with the Browns last season, McCown completed 54.5 percent of his passes for 1,100 yards, six touchdowns, and six interceptions.