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Kelechi Osemele tossing a Cowboys rusher like a rag doll is the best of this week's most disrespectful blocks

And that’s just one of the most disrespectful blocks from the third week of the NFL preseason. Retired NFL lineman Geoff Schwartz runs through the list.

Another installment of Disrespectful Block of the Week for preseason Week 3 is here! I can’t thank y’all enough for sending me or posting clips during the preseason. Without the All 22, it’s hard to catch things. So thanks again!

We will probably have a Raiders lineman on this reel every single week. They are nasty. They love to finish blocks. When Kelechi Osemele got a mega deal from the Raiders, it was for blocks like this. These blocks, where you physically reduce a defender, it crushes their will.

On this play, notice KO has excellent hand placement and strike. The defensive tackle goes for a rip and KO shuts that down. He uses his momentum against him and chucks him straight to the ground like a rag doll. The BEST part is the “I own you” stare down at the end.

Next up, one of the best to ever do it, Joe Thomas. The Bucs defensive end foolishly rushes straight into Joe, who absorbs the rush easily. Noah Spence goes to jump, and Joe tosses him down like he’s playing against a high schooler. Bent him over in half! Then of course, the casual facemask readjust like nothing cool just happened.

Head down to New Orleans next. Here, I’ll introduce you to the “full slab.”

When offensive lineman target defense lineman in pass pro, we aim the for ribs. The head is a no no, and if you hit a lineman any lower, they aren’t going to move as far. The ribs, though, that’s prime meat. Hit the ribs, and down they go. If you get a good shot of exposed ribs, that’s a full slab. This is what we have here. A full slab takedown. And trust me, as lineman we know when we get help. We can set up guys for these shots and we take them as much as possible.

Off to the run game in Washington between two excellent lineman, the Washington’s right guard Brandon Scherff and his partner in crime, right tackle Morgan Moses. This is a deuce block. Scherff holds him up, and Moses taps the hip. While I love this block, it can also be dangerous. We generally don’t want to shove a defender into the back of another lineman’s knees.

The last NFL clip of the week takes us to Buffalo. This is a good lessons for lineman about running your feet. The Ravens defensive tackle is trying to arm over and get off the block. However, because the Bills lineman ran his feet, he caught the DT in a vulnerable position and took him for a ride.

About 10 of y’all sent me this last clip of a South Florida wide receiver getting a kill shot on a defender and starting the play with another block. This guy right here is getting it done. We love seeing the skill position players busting their asses to block. It fires us up and shows the offense they want to be apart of the whole operation.