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The Colts, Titans and Vikings got into a Twitter spat. Then the dictionary owned them all.

It’s best to leave the dictionary out of your Twitter fights.

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The Indianapolis Colts trotted out a brand new slogan Monday, but it devolved into a Twitter fight with the Tennessee Titans and Minnesota Vikings, who both said they thought of it first.

Then the dictionary came along and roasted all three of them.

The slogan #ColtsForged wasn’t met with rave reviews, but the team promised it’d give some context soon to explain what it means.

But even if plenty of people were confused about what the Colts’ slogan even means, the Tennessee Titans wanted to make sure everyone knew that they thought of it first — tweeting out screenshots that showed the slogan “Forge Ahead” was used by the Titans in July.

The Titans were then one-upped up by the Minnesota Vikings, who pointed out they were using “Forge Ahead” way back in January 2016.

But who really cares? The word “forge” isn’t new.

Let’s check the dictionary.

The Colts make a great point, but it’s never the best idea to get the dictionary involved on Twitter. Merriam-Webster is notorious for sassy tweets and didn’t hesitate to hit all three teams with a burn.

Well that settles that.

The Colts, Titans, and Vikings all have losing records against the Patriots during the Tom Brady era, and there’s really no shame in that because so does just about everybody else. Only the Broncos have a winning record against the future Hall of Famer.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary was founded and is still headquartered in Massachusetts, so maybe next time leave them out of it.