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Jay Cutler has been back in the NFL for 1 day, and he’s already a meme

Welcome back, Cutler.

Jay Cutler is back in the NFL after signing with the Miami Dolphins. That means Cutler’s expressive face and his engaging wit are back, too.

We couldn’t be happier. And look: Jay Cutler seems to be as excited as we are:

Cutler gave the internet plenty of material to work with during his introductory press conference on Tuesday.

Cutler’s wife talked him into unretiring, and guess why

In his first press conference with the Miami Dolphins, Cutler said it was a “hard decision” to come out of retirement.

“I would probably say my wife, Kristin (Cavallari), probably talked me into it more than anybody else could.”

Why might that be?

“Yeah, I think she got tired of me around the house,” Cutler said.

Cutler stepped away from the game after spending most of last season on the sideline with a shoulder injury, and the Bears waived him after the season. He signed on with FOX as an analyst for the coming season but decided to delay his broadcasting debut to play for Adam Gase in Miami.

He’s in game shape, by his standards, anyway

He didn’t go through the Dolphins’ offseason program, obviously, and missed the bulk of training camp. But don’t worry:

That’s definitely not what it’s called, Jay

Cutler’s getting his bearings and trying to find his way around his new team’s facility. It might help if he knew what the cafeteria is actually called:

Jay Cutler is our favorite meme again

This is the face of a man who just realized that he could be sitting at home instead of going through training camp in Miami in August:

Not only did he become a new meme, but he gave us the perfect opportunity to keep the Smokin’ Jay Cutler meme going right here:

Cutler actually seemed pleased about his new opportunity with the Dolphins, but we just can’t get over how disinterested he looks. And we’re totally OK with that.

Welcome back to the NFL, and never change, Jay Cutler.