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Blake Bortles slapped Allen Robinson’s left knee moments after he injured it

It’s better to just not touch injured players.

Allen Robinson had some serious misfortune Sunday afternoon in the Jaguars game against the Texans, injuring his left knee on his first reception. Robinson’s injury was so bad, that he was ruled out for the game.

Robinson is one of the best players in the Jacksonville offense, and is even more important when you consider that, well, Blake Bortles isn’t all that good. So when Robinson was down, Bortles ended up slapping the injured knee.

It’s not unusual to see trainers tell players to move away from an injured player, and this is a perfect example of why.

We’re not talking about minimal contact or anything. Look at this:

Our own Adam Stites wrote during the preseason about how the Jaguars needed to find a better quarterback sooner rather than later. Part of that was because of previous performances, part of that was things like throwing five interceptions in a single training camp practice.

There’s no way anybody could have predicted he’d be slapping injured knees, though. That’s just brutal.