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Stefon Diggs celebrates a TD with an homage to Vikings legend Randy Moss

Diggs did Moss’ famous Splitting the Defense celebration and took it right into a Milly Rock.

Stefon Diggs scored a touchdown on Monday Night Football against the New Orleans Saints, and he celebrated. But it wasn’t any old celebration. It was an homage to Randy Moss.

The timing couldn’t have been better, because the Vikings inducted Moss into the team’s Ring of Honor on Monday night. Moss was in attendance, so he also got to enjoy Diggs’ celebration.

Moss’ celebration symbolized his ability to split the defense, and could he ever. Diggs did the same to the Saints on his 18-yard touchdown, and he celebrated accordingly. He then took it right into a Milly Rock.

He didn’t just honor Moss with his dance. Diggs is also wearing some dope custom cleats that depict Moss mooning Green Bay Packers fans at the 2005 NFC Wild Card game.

The touchdown gave the Vikings a 10-3 lead over the Saints. But Diggs wasn’t done. If you have him on your fantasy team, congratulations, because he got in the end zone again. This time, he celebrated by trying to punt the ball right out of the stadium.

Unfortunately for Diggs, his second celebration cost him a cool $6,076. There are more relaxed celebration rules this year, but punting a ball to the moon still falls in the no-no category.

Believe it or not, only two players in Vikings history have scored two touchdowns in a season opener. It’s Diggs, and guess who else?

After a long Sunday of games with only one celebration of note, from T.J. Watt, it’s nice to see Diggs having a little fun on the field.