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The 1st hilarious Philip Rivers GIF of 2017 came on the Chargers’ opening drive

All hail the NFL’s GIF king.

Philip Rivers is the GIF king of the NFL. For whatever reason, the Los Angeles Chargers quarterback manages to do goofy things and make silly faces at a rate that no other player in the league can keep up with.

He’s already defending his crown in 2017 and gave us a hilarious gif just a few plays into his first offensive drive of the season.

For the record, Rivers did manage to get a timeout from the refs before a delay of game or an awkward shovel pass counted against the Chargers. He also gave us this moment in the first moments of the game.

The list of fantastic GIFs from Rivers is long, and this newest addition from Monday will fit in well with the rest of the collection.

It’s not quite enough to top my personal favorite — the time he lamented a really bad day.

Rivers is somehow both a really good quarterback and a slapstick comedian — a scale that usually tips one way or the other. Enjoy him while you can, everybody.