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Devils reward fan with free season tickets for getting nearly 10,000 retweets

New Jersey hooked up a fan who shot his shot on Twitter.

Nick Donnelly is a New Jersey Devils fan who decided to shoot his shot. How many retweets would it take for the team to give him season tickets for the next year?

The Devils used a bit of math to provide an answer:

Let’s see how he’s doing roughly eight hours later:


I don’t know if the Devils underestimated how many fans they have on Twitter, or if they simply didn’t realize how much people on social media love retweeting stuff to help other people get free stuff. Maybe they’ll shoot a little higher and ask for like 30,000 retweets next time.

According to New Jersey’s website, the cheapest season ticket for a full season is a 200-level corner seat for $1,238. The most expensive tickets on the “glass row” go for $15,000 a year.

Here’s to guessing the seats are closer to the corner than glass level, but it’s still quite a sweet gift for one fan. Congrats to him, and to the Devils for the publicity from all those retweets and posts like this one.