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Raiders center Rodney Hudson knocked down the same Titans defender TWICE on the same play

Trent Williams, Mitch Morse, and Hudson did some VERY disrespectful blocking last week. Retired NFL lineman Geoff Schwartz runs down the list.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Disrespectful Blocks of the Week are back! Finally, the regular season is here, and we got some great ones for you this week.

Let’s start on Thursday night with Chiefs center Mitch Morse. Mitch started as a rookie and has slowly grown into a reliable part of that offensive line. Blocks like this, however, will make him a Pro Bowler.

First play of the game is a mid zone to the right, and he hits the hip of the three technique, then climbs to the linebacker and gets him on the ground. The body control is excellent!

If you love watching physical play from linemen in the NFL, just watch Trent Williams. He’s the most physical offensive tackle in the league and easily the most physical tackle in the league in space. He destroys people on screens, pulls, and traps. So if you don’t know who to study or who to watch, watch Trent Williams.

Here he goes on a wide receiver screen. Running full speed, he swallows up this poor corner, takes him 10 yards, and dumps him! Got to love it.

I saved the best for last, Raiders center Rodney Hudson. I played with Rodney in Kansas City. Not only is he one heck of a center, he’s also a great dude.

It makes me even more excited to see a play like this. It’s another screen, and Rodney knocks down the same guy TWICE! This is finish. Watch his hips explode on the second knockdown! I love it!!!

Thank you again for your involvement in this process. I enjoy the interaction on twitter, @geoffschwartz, and keep nominating blocks for me!