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A bad ‘Thursday Night Football’ game gave us the frustrated Andy Dalton meme

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Cheer up, Andy!

Andy Dalton is not having the best season so far. He hasn’t scored a touchdown for the Bengals yet and he’s played two games. Against the Ravens, the offense didn’t score a thing. On Thursday against the Texans, the offense scored a trio of field goals but no touchdowns.

That’s why you can understand why Dalton looked defeated as hell late into the game. All he could do on the sidelines was clutch his shoulder pads, close his eyes, and sigh.

And just like a frustrated Eli Manning and Angry Tom Brady from last week, this too quickly became a meme:

Even A.J. Green couldn’t help out Dalton, even though he beat three different defenders in one play.

Maybe Dalton hasn’t scored a touchdown because he hasn’t had enough rest. Sleep tight, Andy. You got a longer break than usual to break out of your funk. Hope you bounce back.