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Tony Romo called a Saints touchdown before it happened, just like last week

He’s good at this.

Tony Romo’s broadcasting career has gotten off to a booming start. After showing that he could see the future last week by calling many plays before they happened, he did it again early in Week 2.

Romo called for Brandon Coleman to get the ball for the Saints, and just as Romo predicted, that’s exactly what happened:

Most color analysts describe what happened on a play after it happens. But Romo is able to look at what both sides of the ball are doing, and what it’s going to mean. He also takes previous plays into account, thinking a few steps ahead of anybody else.

Last week’s display was phenomenal:

Romo still has work to do when it comes to sounding like a more traditional broadcaster, but the knowledge that he’s delivering more than makes up for it. He was built for this.