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The Raiders have Marshawn Lynch and a goal line pass audible called ‘Seattle’

It’s a common pass concept, but it holds different meaning in this situation.

One play that’s always going to be associated with Marshawn Lynch is the Seahawks’ interception thrown in Super Bowl XLIX while situated on the 1-yard line.

While playing the Jets, the Raiders were on the goal line. Over the CBS broadcast, Derek Carr can be heard calling an audible called “Seattle” — a pass play. It’s a normal check that many teams use, but considering the situation, it’s pretty funny.

The difference between Russell Wilson’s pass in that Super Bowl, and Derek Carr’s on Sunday, is that Carr’s worked.

It’s not the first funny audible we’ve heard this season. In fact, another was also named after a Super Bowl disaster.

Dak Prescott called an audible named “Shanahan” during the CowboysSunday Night Football game in Week 1. It was a zone running play, in reference to how former Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan didn’t run the ball enough in Super Bowl LI.

Keep those ears open during the games. You might catch something you didn’t expect.