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The Solid Verbal: A Week 3 recap is also a USC, Clemson, and Mississippi State party

We don't need any more yards at our pot luck, Oklahoma State has us covered.

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NCAA Football: Clemson at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports
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On the latest episode of The Solid Verbal, we look at all things Week 3 and try to address the following questions:

• After running away from Lamar Jackson and Louisville, has anyone shown more against quality competition than Clemson? To what degree is Clemson QB Kelly Bryant's early season comfort following Deshaun Watson's historic campaign a surprise?

• What did Tom Herman and Texas do right and where did they struggle vs USC? Why should nobody want a part of the Trojans in a tight game late?

• Where did things go so right for QB Nick Fitzgerald and Mississippi State? Similarly, what sloppiness from LSU couldn't be hidden any longer in Starkville?

• Michigan beat Air Force, but ... what's wrong with Michigan?

• Ahead of a silky smooth schedule, what's going so incredibly right for Wisconsin?

• Where did things go so wrong for QB Josh Rosen and UCLA?

...and much more!