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Michael Bennett celebrated a sack vs. 49ers with a raised fist

Bennett’s protest displays have reached sack celebrations.

Michael Bennett sacked 49ers quarterback Brian Hoyer late in the first half. After sacking Hoyer, Bennett raised his fist in celebration.

It was the first sack celebration of note that mirrored anything close to the national anthem protests the NFL has seen since 2016.

The way that Bennett walked to the side and stood very still resembled the stance that Olympian John Carlos did in the 1968 Summer Olympics.

After the game, Bennett explained the gesture:

Bennett has been sitting for the national anthem since the preseason started in August. He made headlines after he shared his account of abuse he experienced by Las Vegas police the night of the Mayweather-McGregor fight.

The sack is Bennett’s first on the afternoon, and gives him 2.5 on the young season.