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Giants TE Evan Engram’s 1st career TD celebration featured a costly crotch grab

The Giants’ first-round pick danced to celebrate, but the end drew a 15-yard penalty and $12,154 fine.

New York Giants first-round rookie Evan Engram is already making an impact for the team and hauled in an 18-yard touchdown pass Monday. But his celebration earned a penalty that set up the Detroit Lions with some great field position and earned him a costly fine.

On Friday, Engram received a $12,154 fine from the NFL, according to Ian Rapoport.

The NFL relaxed rules in the offseason regarding celebrations, but one of the few things that can’t happen are sexually suggestive celebrations. Grabbing your crotch qualifies as crossing that line.

The dance was fine. Engram just should’ve ended his celebration a second earlier. Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers got the same fine for twerking in the end zone last year, so it’s no surprise Engram got dinged the same amount.

The penalty pushed the Giants’ kickoff back 15 yards and after it went out of bounds, the Lions were set up near midfield.

Keep the celebrations coming, NFL players. Just don’t pick up penalties.

NFL celebrations are fun again, but some are still illegal