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The Rams’ Color Rush uniforms are actually good

Yeah, they look like a dehydrated trip to the can. Whatever.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v St Louis Rams Photo by Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

It’s Thursday Night Football season, meaning we get a bunch of bad football and colorful uniforms that may or may not make for a bad viewing experience. Not a lot of teams get their Color Rush uniforms done right — I’m looking at you, Jaguars, with your dijon mustard lookin’ threads.

One team that does get it right, and has since Color Rush started, is the Rams.

*chef’s kiss*

Yeah, I know — these are just regular mustard, or low power mode on your iPhone, or Laa Laa the Teletubby, or even Tom Herman hydration chart (pee!) colored. But damn it, they’re good uniforms.

The Rams are currently in a uniform crisis. They moved back to Los Angeles, which ignited a lot of conversation toward uniform reform that was sparked by nostalgia.

The good people of Los Angeles wanted the blue and white from the Deacon Jones and Fearsome Foursome days. Or even the blue and yellow from later years with Eric Dickerson, and later the Greatest Show on Turf, before they screwed things up and went gold.

Instead, they settled for a shitty medium and made the horns white, while keeping those gold accents on the uniforms, which are now awkward. It’s like how the Jaguars couldn’t decide whether or not they wanted black or gold helmets, so they just split the helmet down the middle and went with both.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Los Angeles Rams Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The yellow Color Rush uniforms are what an alternate (or just the regular ol’ Color Rush) would be if the Rams made the right decision and went back to their blue and yellows.

Anyway, the Rams haven’t been really fun to watch the past few seasons. And by few seasons, I mean since 2003.

So for them to pop up on a Thursday Night Football game is fine and well, especially if it means they’re going to be in some incredibly loud uniforms while doing it. They’re playing the 49ers who are also aggressively Not Good, so hey, maybe they’ll win in a flashy manner, similar to their uniforms.

NFL celebrations are fun again. FINALLY.