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Sammy Watkins made an incredible Willie Mays-esque catch against the 49ers

He also had his eyes CLOSED.

Sammy Watkins is the leader in the clubhouse for best catch on Thursday Night Football.

Jared Goff caught a big block from Todd Gurley and wound up to find Watkins deep, who was being covered by two 49ers. Goff put it only where Watkins could catch it, which was — to say the least — a tough play.

The play was immediately compared to the catch that Willie Mays made in Game 1 of the 1954 World Series.

Oh, and Watkins had his eyes closed:

Watkins came over to the Rams from the Bills in August. Early returns weren’t great, but if Watkins is going to make plays like this, the Rams will be more than happy with the trade.