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Why is London's Ravens-Jaguars game on Yahoo?

Verizon, which owns Yahoo, paid over $20 million to stream this game back in May.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens Patrick McDermott-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens and the Jacksonville Jaguars will go head-to-head in a Week 3 matchup on Sept. 24 in London, England, at 9:30 a.m. ET. You can stream the Ravens-Jaguars matchup for free on Yahoo and, but you can’t watch the game if you have DirecTV.

The Ravens' official team site released a list of ways you can watch this game on Sunday morning. Fans who live in Baltimore or Jacksonville will still be able to watch the game on CBS. Also, those who have Verizon Wireless can go to the NFL Mobile app to watch Baltimore and Jacksonville lock horns in London.

Why is the game on Yahoo? The league wants to find different ways to watch games. Verizon Wireless, which owns Yahoo, paid more than $20 million to stream this game back in May. Verizon can use its properties to stream this game to an international audience, and Yahoo is one of its properties.

The NFL released a statement about this after striking a deal with Verizon:

“Verizon will be the NFL’s exclusive digital partner to deliver the live stream of the Week 3 International Series game in London to a global audience. The Baltimore Ravens - Jacksonville Jaguars game on September 24 from Wembley Stadium will be streamed live across Verizon’s portfolio of platforms including AOL, Fios, go90 and Complex. The game will also be made available on the NFL Mobile app ( to Verizon Wireless customers, and the NFL app on Xbox One and Windows 10. TV access will be offered through an over-the-air broadcast in the Baltimore and Jacksonville local markets, as well as on Sky Sports in the U.K.”

Yahoo won a bid two years ago that allowed it to stream the Bills-Jaguars game in Oct. 2015. That game, which also took place in London, generated about 15.2 million unique viewers, though the actual number of people watching was likely around 2.3 million.

Since then, other outlets have won bid to stream games, including Twitter and Amazon Prime.