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Tony Romo predicts the future again on a run play in Bengals vs. Packers

Romo’s a good addition to the booth, and he seems to be kind of psychic.

Tony Romo has been a good addition to the CBS NFL broadcast team. He’s engaging and smart, and he has an uncanny knack for predicting exactly what a play is going to be before it happens.

He’s made this a habit so far this season. And he did it again while calling the Packers’ matchup against the Bengals in Green Bay on Sunday.

It’s third-and-3 for the Bengals, and Romo calls a run-pass option play, predicting it will be a handoff to Joe Mixon. That’s just what the Bengals do, and Romo goes on to explain how he figured it out.

“In this specific case, the alignment, they stacked the receivers outside,” Romo said. “If you get a good box, which means you have five offensive linemen and there’s five guys for them to block, let’s run the ball. If there are six guys, let’s throw the ball. I saw five. I played the percentages.”

So far this season, Romo has correctly predicted several other plays, including a Saints’ touchdown against the Patriots last week.

Romo’s 14-year NFL career prepared him well for this next phase of his life. He’s entertaining and informative, he’s better than Phil Simms, and he seems to really be enjoying this. It’s a win for everyone.