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Dez Bryant's 69th career touchdown was one of his nicest

Dez Bryant had to get through four Cardinals defenders to give the Cowboys the lead Monday.

Dez Bryant hasn’t had a strong start to the 2017 season, but the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver poured out a ton of effort when he had a chance to score on Monday Night Football.

After catching a pass about 12 yards from the end zone, he made two Arizona Cardinals defenders miss, then bulldozed two more to the goal line for a touchdown.

After a quick review, officials verified the touchdown.

The touchdown is Bryant’s second of 2017, but the 69th of his productive career with the Cowboys. He’s playing in his 100th career game, and only five players have ever scored as many touchdowns in that amount of time.

With the touchdown, the Cowboys took a 14-7 lead over the Cardinals, so it was a much-needed score for a team that hasn’t had much success on offense in the last couple weeks.