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Carson Wentz owes Jake Elliott $31,764 for making that game-winning 61-yard kick

Wentz said he’d give the kicker his game check if he made that shot. Elliott did.

Carson Wentz was mic’d up for the Eagles’ close win over the Giants on Sunday. As the team waited to see if rookie kicker Jake Elliott could hit the 61-yarder the team needed to pull it off, Wentz made a bold statement.

“I’ll freaking give him my paycheck,” Wentz says. “I’ll give him my game check.”

Elliott did make it, just as he made one to tie things up, 24-24, toward the end of regulation to send it to overtime.

Eagles linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill warned Wentz against it. “He’s made that a bunch of times in practice,” Grugler-Hill says.

But Wentz is emphatic, and will pay Elliott a cool $31,764.

In a nice twist, Elliott and Wentz decided to donate the money:

NFL players are paid their base salaries over 17 weeks — the 16-week season and the bye week — and that’s what Wentz’s breaks down to with his base salary of $540,000 this season.

That’s not the only fun thing about Wentz’s time on the mic. After Elliott’s kick goes through the uprights, the Eagles celebrate. The whole team swarms Elliott on the field, and everyone’s understandably excited. But Wentz keeps his celebration family-friendly.

“You son of a gun,” he yells.

Elliott’s salary is $465,000 per year. So if Wentz really does pony up, that’s a pretty nice little bonus for Elliott.