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Which Top-5 team has the most concerning early win and the other biggest Week 5 questions

Let's talk about the concerning wins of top teams, great September coaching jobs, crazy numbers, and Georgia's realness.

On the latest episode of Wake Up, College Football, Dan Rubentein and Richard Johnson address the following questions with 100 percent correct answers:

• Which win from a top-five team in the opening weeks of the season is most concerning? Oklahoma's narrow win over Baylor? Clemson sleepwalking past Boston College? USC being tested by Texas? Penn State edging out Iowa?

• Which coach has done the best job early on, especially given specific challenges to his team? Duke's David Cutcliffe trying to help the Blue Devils bounce back against a deep ACC? Lincoln Riley of Oklahoma taking over a top-five program from a legendary coach? Virginia Tech's Justin Fuente starting over at QB after the unexpected departure of Jerod Evans? What about Kliff Kingsbury and Texas Tech and the sudden defensive improvement?

• How will we fare on Ryan Nanni's mini-game show testing our ability to spot extreme stats?

• After complete Mississippi State domination, to what degree should Georgia be taken seriously as a top team?

• In bigger games, who do we like in Week 5 vs the spread? Georgia vs. Tennessee? Stanford vs. Arizona State? Indiana vs. Penn State? Washington State vs. USC? Michigan State vs. Iowa?

... and more!