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Carlos Ruiz and Kyle Seager shake hands and lock eyes while screaming different animal names in Spanish before every game, which is totally normal

This seems important:

It’s an impressive pregame ritual. I’ll take a wild guess that it started with one guy exhorting the other to play like a lion, with the other one responding to play like a bear, and then it spiraled out of control to the point that Carlos Ruiz is screaming the word “chupacabra” at Kyle Seager.

I will say this, though: My favorite part might be when Ruiz realizes that he knows roughly six animals and repeats “anaconda.” I don’t know why, but it reminds me of this:

There are six animals in the world, and two of them are anacondas. Apparently Carlos Ruiz and Kyle Seager will shout all of them at each other before games, and now your life is better because you know this.