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Disrespectful block of the week: Brandon Scherff blocked Washington to a big Week 3 win

Retired NFL offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz hands out the weekly blocking awards from Week 3 in the NFL.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Disrespectful Blocks of the Week is back for Week 3! Got some excellent blocks lined up that I know y’all will enjoy. Thank you again for sending me suggestions to me on Twitter, @geoffschwartz. I love how y’all are getting involved in the process

We will start off in Washington with right guard Brandon Scherff who gets two blocks on this reel. The first is a blistering knockdown of a blitzing safety. In pass protrection, when our man goes away, we are taught to find work. I’ve talked about getting a slab of ribs, well, this was the whole animal here. The safety doesn’t see him and Scherff launches him.

Next up for Scherff is a screen block. He punches the man over him and almost sends him to the ground. His first assignment is checking for a peel back, but there’s no one there so he takes off down the field. Look at him moving. He lines up the safety and boom, takes him out with a wicked cut. The poor Raiders defender goes head over heels.

We move to Detroit and T.J. Lang. He was flagged here for unnecessary roughness, and he’ll get fined for it. However, I think it was necessary roughness. The wide receiver isn’t down yet, or is barely down and Lang is hustling over to protect his teammate. I see no issue with this and neither will their staff

The Broncos have quietly built a decent offensive line that’s anchored by center Matt Paradis. He’s on a back block here with the left guard pulling. It’s important for the center to not just turn and block this guy. When that happens, you often get pushed into the hole. Paradis has good body position and then uses some brute strength for the finish!

Finally, I’m honored to be on the voting committee for the Joe Moore Award for college football. It’s the only award in any level of football that recognizes an entire offensive line. We have an outstanding panel of ex-lineman and commentators who talk each week about the games, watch the film and evaluate college offensive lines. So every now and then I’ll throw in a college clip to help promote this award.