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Tony Romo explains why the Bears should go with Mitchell Trubisky

He also elaborated on why Glennon made mistakes early in the game.

Tony Romo’s broadcasting career has been great so far. He’s able to not only explain plays but predict them as well.

Mike Glennon got off to a bad start in the Bears’ game against the Packers on Thursday night. After Glennon’s mishaps, Romo explained why the team should go with Mitchell Trubisky, who was drafted No. 2 overall.

“I really believe they’re going to go to him sooner than later,” Romo said. “When I say that, I like Glennon, I just don’t know if this style fits him personally. They need a guy who can bootleg and move around.”

Glennon and the Bears’ offense had a pair of fumbles on their first two possessions. Romo went on to explain why the folly happened:

Perhaps the Bears will use their upcoming long week to make the switch.