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Bears should have been penalized for roughing Packers punter Justin Vogel

The referees picked up the flag, and it was the wrong call.

The Chicago Bears didn’t do a whole lot right on Thursday night, but they got away with a roughing the kicker late in the fourth quarter.

With less than four minutes to go in the game, the Packers lined up for a punt. As Justin Vogel booted it, Deon Bush ran into his raised leg, sending him back and into the ground:

If the receiving team tips the ball in that situation, it’s not a penalty. But because Bush or no other member of the Bears got a finger on it, it should have been a flag.

Instead, the referees gathered and decided that somebody on the Bears had touched the ball, and the refs picked up the flag.

The play is one that’s eligible to be challenged, and the Packers clearly would have won that one. However, they were out of timeouts, leaving them unable to challenge the call.

The Packers are running away with this one, so I guess the Bears at least take this small victory out of the game.