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Watch SB Nation’s LIVE NHL Preview

We’re talking Penguins, Preds, Oilers, Caps, Hurricanes, Lightning, Blackhawks, Golden Knights, OK you get the idea.

LIVE at noon Eastern/11 Central/I’m not doing this for every time zone, sorry, we’re talking about the NHL season-to-come on SB Nation’s Facebook and YouTube pages! Will the Blackhawks make the postseason for a 10th straight season? Who had the best offseason? What team is overdue for an updated jersey? Did the league make the right decision regarding the Olympics? Could the Oilers win the Cup this year? No really, the Oilers?

These questions and more will be answered, or at least obliquely referenced, by our crack team of experts, including:

  • Travis Hughes, SB Nation NHL
  • Mary Clarke, SB Nation NHL
  • Satchel Price, SB Nation NHL
  • Steph Driver, Broad Street Hockey
  • Kaitlyn Dividock, Pensburgh
  • Ryan Quigley, Knights On Ice
  • Elena Bergeron, Unknown

Tune in, and remember the most important fact of any preview — there’s nothing any of us actually know about this season before it’s over with. (Nashville kind of proved that last year.)