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How the Chiefs keep opposing defenses off balance

Geoff Schwartz shows you how Kansas City’s offense became the hottest in the NFL.

After three weeks, the Kansas City Chiefs look like the hottest offense in the NFL. They’re averaging a whopping 7.1 yards per offensive play. They’re third in adjusted passing yards per attempt, first in yards per rushing attempt (1.7 yards better than the Titans, who are second), and first in average yards gained on first down (9.46, which, I mean, come on).

How are they doing this without Jeremy Maclin and Spencer Ware, last season’s leading rusher?

Simple: Andy Reid’s put together an offense that uses motion, read option principles, and the unique skills of players like Travis Kelce and Kareem Hunt — all while keeping Alex Smith relatively free from big hits. Defenses are either out of position or too slow to react, and that gives Kansas City the opportunity to pick up big chunks of yardage.

Geoff Schwartz shows you how the Chiefs put all these parts together in one impressive offensive symphony.